MEP Calculations & Design

EAM’s MEP design team brings years of practical experience in residential construction to every HVAC, electrical, and plumbing design we do. Members of our staff have worked the process as builders, installers, and municipal code inspectors so we understand that an engineering design cannot take place in isolation. With that in mind, at the start of every new project we begin by first understanding the client’s needs & preferences, and proactively communicate with them as the design takes shape. Our goal is that in the end our clients will find they have enjoyed working with our personable staff, and that we have delivered to them a quality, user-friendly design in the timeliest manner.

HVAC Design

A properly sized and designed HVAC system is at the heart of all energy efficient homes. Whether your HVAC design need is for the municipal permit approval process, more consistent equipment procurement, or just to deliver the most efficient distribution system design and installation to your homebuyers, EAM can provide you with a system design that will lower installation costs, operating costs, and callbacks.

Our fully certified and trained design staff use ACCA Manual J® Residential Load Calculation Procedures, the accepted industry standard, approved by ANSI, for the proper sizing and selection of HVAC equipment.

We then take that accurate load calculation information as the foundation to design a duct system using ACCA Manual D®. EAM’s professional staff can then design residential single system, multi-system, multi-zone system, or any design necessary to fit the needs of a home.

EAM can also provide ACCA Manual S (Equipment Selection) and ACCA Manual T (Terminal Selection) to help match the right heating/cooling equipment and supply/return registers for your efficiently designed system.

An improperly designed HVAC system may “work”, but if you want a system that works correctly and delivers the efficiency ratings you paid for; it needs to be designed using these accepted industry procedures. At EAM we use certified residential HVAC designers, as well as former HVAC technicians so that our designs reflect not only current engineering practices, but practical knowledge of what works and what doesn’t in real world homes.


Plumbing Design

The purpose of a home plumbing system can be deceptively straightforward. It need only deliver hot & cold water to the various fixtures within the home, and remove wastewaters & vent gases from the home. In this age of open floor plans and highly engineered homes however; it is no longer always quite so simple to move potable and non-potable waters in and around the home. Truss cutting restrictions, limited space for chases, and a host of other considerations mean that you need a designer who understands not only how a plumbing system works, but how an entire home design comes together. EAM’s design staff has experience with all types and styles of residential construction, and will work with you to produce a layout that not only works, but works for you.

Electrical Design

Home electrical plans are one of the most scrutinized aspects of the municipal permit submission process, and with good reason. Where poor design of some parts of the home would lead to inconveniences for the homeowner, an improperly designed electrical system can result in potentially dangerous situations.

Residential circuits are defined by the National Electrical Code, which specifies the minimum number and kinds of circuits a home will need, their installation requirements, and similar specifications for the receptacles, lights and other devices powered by the circuits.

As with our other design offerings, EAM brings actual construction know how to the table when it comes to electrical planning. We have experience dealing with municipal code reviewers, and can help to ensure a smooth permitting process for your project.



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